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Handmade Australian Opal Jewellery

Tiger Finch Jewellery creates beautiful, handmade and unique jewellery using precious Australian Opals and gemstones.

We have a selection of designer rings, engagement rings, opal jewellery, earrings, pendants, necklaces and custom jewellery.

You can also engage us to create a precious, custom heirloom that you’ll love and keep, for generations to come.

Unique Jewellery - Sterling Silver Ring with Fresh Water Pearls
Unique Jewellery Handmade Australian Opal Pendant
Australian Opal Ring set in Sterling Silver

Quality Handmade Jewellery

We take the utmost care in making our jewellery pieces. For discerning customers looking for something unique and memorable we offer rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings from our shop or we can do custom one-off pieces based on your requirements.

There’s nothing more mesmerising than starring into the glistening beauty of an Australian Opal. We are passionate opal jewellery and have a variety of opal rings, opal pendants, opal necklaces and opal earrings. Or talk to us about creating your own custom piece.


Opal addiction, it’s a thing……
Opal addiction, it’s a thing……

Precious opals are elusive and magnificent Opals are hard to find. The search for precious opal can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the graft and toll on the opal miner, both physically and mentally. Precious opal is elusive and...

Passion & Process Behind Tiger Finch Jewellery Brand
Passion & Process Behind Tiger Finch Jewellery Brand

As a Jewellery Designer maker, challenges come up all the time, as the need to create exactly what is imagined is a huge part of the process. As nature is perfect, the stunning patterns created are always so inspiring and urge my designs forward as well as studies...

Why has opal been called a Bad Luck Stone?
Why has opal been called a Bad Luck Stone?

For numerous years, the beautiful opal has been the victim of unflattering rumours and old tales about the stone bringing bad luck. Further perpetuated by folklore tales, mistaken identity, superstitions, family tales and disgruntled diamond traders; opals have been...

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The best pieces of jewellery are not just in fashion, but timeless in style, artistic value, unique beauty and highly memorable.

Customer Reviews


Liquid Silver Ring

Rating: 5 stars
“This ring is absolutely beautiful. I bought it as a present for a friend. He loves it and wears it all the time. Many people comment on its unusual fluid form. So very happy with the whole experience! Thank you Jo“.



Hibiscus Flower Pendant

Rating: 5 stars
“A fantastic and beautiful necklace. I’m very impressed with Tiger Finch Jewellery and how helpful Jo was. It was great she kept in touch and helped me as much as she did. I would definitely recommend looking and buying from this site if you want amazing jewellery with 1st class service”.

Helen Nuttall


Custom Jewellery

Rating: 5 stars
“A very talented artisan with refreshingly original designs. A pleasure to know and do business with, I would highly recommend Jo for any design you could dream of.”

Carl Nunn