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Bold Design, Imagination & Beautiful Gemstones

The best pieces of jewellery are timeless, Stylish, artistic, unique. This is what drives our creativity, standing out, wearing something special and not machine mass produced. Jewellery is a beautiful escape from the mundane, leaving behind precious objects, for future generations to discover. Founder Jo Michelle, created Tiger Finch Jewellery to represent a brand that showcases her unique designs.

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Tiger Finch Jewellery creates timeless pieces of jewellery that are a beautiful combination of art, fashion, precious stones and materials.  

We hope that our jewellery brings the wearer a sense of beauty, inspired creativity, happiness, and a fiery confidence. 

Our passion and skill in our jewellery process ensures the quality of our work and its value, whilst also leaving behind precious memories for future generations to discover.

Jewellery Materials - Opals, Sterling Silver & Pearls


To create our custom jewellery pieces, we work in beautiful Sterling Silver and 18ct, 14ct and 9ct Gold.

Black opals and decadent opal carvings from Lightning Ridge feature heavily in our collections.

We are passionate about creating timeless jewellery pieces with diamonds, sapphires, pearls, freshwater pearls, other precious gemstones, rough gemstones, pebbles and wood.
We love them all.

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Our goal is to create a timeless, historical and celebratory jewellery piece that is loved by its recipient and tomorrow’s treasured heirloom.

Handmade Sterling Silver Ring with Fresh Water Pearls
Handmade Blue Opal Pendant
Unique Jewellery - Sterling Silver Opal Ring


My love of gemstones has been with me for as long as I can remember, it became a natural succession for me to work in the field of jewellery. Having studied jewellery making techniques as an apprentice; Silversmithing at Sir Richard Cass College, London and more recently private study in Goldsmithing on the Sunshine Coast.

With over ten years experience with opals from Lightning Ridge, we have built strong relationships with the miners we buy from and know the Opals are of the highest quality and are always evaluated and handpicked.

“Tiger Finch Jewellery is my passion and I can’t stop thinking about new designs, making new pieces and finding new interesting gemstones to fall in love with.”

“I have experimented enormously to create what I see in my head imagery and often my ideas force me to learn new techniques. So it becomes a continual evolution of growing creatively and being challenged on all levels, skillfully.”

“Jewellery for me is a beautiful escape from the mundane, leaving behind precious objects, for future generations to discover.”


Whilst working for a Diamond company in London’s Hatton Garden quarter, Jo Michelle spent a rainy afternoon in the London Head office gazing at the most beautiful precious opals. A client had just returned from a buying trip in Australia with a fantastic parcel of fiery gems and that was it, the fever set in! 

After listening to crazy stories of the outback and mining for the elusive gemstone… there was nothing for it but to adventure out there herself.

Jo flew to Australia and on to Lightning Ridge, NSW to find Opals. There followed an interesting time in the small mining community that became home for the next eight years. 

Whilst she was there, she bought rough opal, sold to opal buyers, learnt how to cut and polish, appraise opal and gained an absolute appreciation for the beauty of opal carvings and freeform opal.

She now lives and works in Brisbane creating jewellery pieces in the Tiger Finch Jewellery Studio.  She spends her time creating new pieces and drawing new ideas for the beautiful jewellery that her customers love.

Jewellery Designer Jo Michelle with Handmade Jewellery Rings
Jewellery Designer Jo Michelle with Dark Intrigue Custom Ring

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it” Osho