Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Pendant In 14ct yellow gold


The Ginkgo stands for resilience, hope, peace, love, magic, timelessness, and longevity.  Ginkgo leaves are associated with duality, a concept that recognises the feminine and masculine aspects of all living things.  This duality is often expressed as yin and yang.  The Ginkgo leaf necklace is a delight to wear and representative of many positive symbolic meanings in the world.  Solid 14 carat yellow gold Ginkgo leaf with solid 40 cm 9ct. yellow gold chain.


Handmade Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Pendant In 14ct yellow gold

This beautiful Ginkgo leaf pendant is entirely made in 14 carat yellow gold and comes with a fine 9 carat yellow gold chain.  The Ginkgo leaf grows on the ancient Ginkgo Biloba tree, so old it is considered to be a living fossil.  Ginkgo biloba is the oldest surviving tree known to exist, with a presence on earth spanning more than two hundred million years.  What a fine leaf to create into a piece of jewellery.  Not only is the shape and formation of the gingko leaf so spectacular but what the leaf itself stands for; resilience, hope, peace, love, magic, timelessness and longevity.  This is the essence of what this precious pendant represents and hopefully it will bring all these things to you.

The ginkgo was cast from an actual leaf from a Ginkgo Biloba tree and is also available in sterling silver and rose gold.  Tiger Finch Jewellery specialises in naturalistic style pieces that celebrate nature and all the beautiful shapes and features in our unique world.  Ginkgo leaf pendant is a celebration of life and would be a wonderful heirloom to gift to someone special or just to treat yourself.  A unique pretty ginkgo leaf pendant made in solid gold.

Dimensions are as follows:

Height of Leaf  1.4 cm x Width 1.5 cm x Thickness 1.9 mm

Length of chain 40 cm

Total Weight including chain 2.15 grams