Stylish 14ct Gold Leopard Opal Pendant with Diamond Eyes


Stunning Solid Opal & Figurative 14 carat Yellow Gold Leopard with Sparkling Diamond Eyes

This is the first leopard made in the Tiger Finch Jewellery studio. The 14 carat yellow gold leopard is holding a beautiful 14x10mm solid opal, from the Lightning Ridge opal fields. The leopard was hand carved in wax, then a handmade setting was created around the oval shaped opal. To the rear of the setting are leopard claws, as a nod to the magnificent creature, the design is inspired by. Here at the Tiger Finch Jewellery Studio all animals are adored but leopards, big and small cats especially so. The leopard has tiny sparkling diamonds for eyes, this will be a customisable option in future pieces. As each leopard made will be as unique as each gemstone used in the design. For example the leopard could have emerald green eyes with a red colour based opal or an amethyst gemstone with onyx eyes. The possibilities are endless.

Dimensions are as follows:

This particular Leopard is holding a stunning and vibrant royal blue to emerald green with bright turquoise, solid opal that has an N2 body tone and amazing flag harlequin pattern.

The overall size of the opal is length 14 mm x width 10 mm x thickness 4 mm

Opal weight 6.5 carats

Total weight 8.86 grams


This striking piece has been a creative thought for some time and it is so exciting to finally get to share it with you. The beautiful opal has been in the Tiger Finch Jewellery collection for over ten years. Sometimes it is too hard to part with opals! This delightful piece is ready for a new home and will delight the new owner for many years to come. It is definitely set to become a timeless classic.