Handmade Solid Opal Carving Sterling Silver Twilight Opalescence Pendant


A beautiful vivacious and voluptuous Opal carving seated on a unique sterling silver throne and claw set allowing lots of light to enter through and show all its treasures.

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This amazing large opal was mined from Lightning Ridge and was just too interesting to cut up into lot of stones but instead the decision was made to carve the opal, removing any major imperfections and follow the flow and form of the opal in its natural formation. Thus creating a truly unique and one off opal carving. This sculptural technique lends itself to more unique jewellery and promotes more hand making techniques to set the opal into a wearable piece of art.

The end result is a beautiful vivacious and voluptuous opal carving. The handmade setting has been made around the opal with claws to secure the opal firmly in place. The idea was to have the opal almost floating without too much distraction from the beauty of the carving. The seat of the setting has been formed out of an oval cut out section of sterling silver, then reticulated and forged to fit the shape of the opal carving.

There is almost another worldliness about this opal as it changes hues in different light and appears both solid and translucent simultaneously. The pretty lilac hues are further enhanced by a flash of electric blue as the piece is moved in different directions. There is some natural mother stone (sandstone) present at the back of the opal but this is totally natural and only to be expected in such a large specimen. If anything it adds to the appeal and celebrates the fact this opal was saved from being chopped up into lots of small stones.

A 16 inch sterling silver snake chain is included with this piece. The length of opal from top to bottom is 38mm and the width across is 33mm the thickness is 10mm. The weight of the opal is approximately 140 cts.