Water of Life Solid Crystal Opal Carving Pendant


The amazing Water of Life Solid Crystal Opal Carving Pendant with mesmerising luscious and sensuous beauty.  This Spectacular piece is just sublime, akin to the moon and the water on earth as well as deep within a far away galaxy,  represented by this amazing Lightning Ridge Opal crystal.  Entirely handmade in rich 18ct yellow gold.  The opal is carved both sides and can be worn both ways, as each side reveals even more tantalising curves and vibrant opulence.

All the waters of all the earths are represented by the beauty contained with the Water of Life Solid Crystal Opal Carving Pendant.  Water is life and the Water of Life Solid Opal carving Pendant is a celebration of life.

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Water of Life Solid Crystal Opal Carving Pendant

This superb Lightning Ridge Opal crystal will certainly entice you with its vivid beauty, set as a magnificent pendant, it really is a show stopper.  The beautifully carved Opal is flawlessly finished and set in 18ct yellow gold. The opal is a solid Lightning Ridge crystal, expertly carved by renowned opal carver artist Daniela L’Abbate who works with a natural ability to create beautiful lines and gentle undulations within her work.

The opal displays flashes of lush green hues with lilac – blues and rich gold.  With each movement of the piece another magnificent array of vibrant colours flash.  From day to night the opal can appear completely translucent to opaque when against a darker background.

As such you can achieve many looks from the same piece.  The setting of gold is formed by hand around the parameter of the stone to allow as much light as possible to pass through the stone.  Thus holding it securely and really emphasising its beauty from both sides as the piece is fully reversible.  To put your mind at rest this beautiful piece of jewellery is presented with an independent Jewellery valuation of $15190.

Accompanying this piece is an 18-inch gold plated chain. If you would like to order a solid 18ct gold chain at an extra cost please email me your requirements and I can arrange this for you. Your purchase is presented in a beautiful Tiger Finch jewellery logo embossed box.

Measurements are – Height 4.5 cm x length across 2 cm and thickness 8 mm.

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