As a Jewellery Designer maker, challenges come up all the time, as the need to create exactly what is imagined is a huge part of the process. As nature is perfect, the stunning patterns created are always so inspiring and urge my designs forward as well as studies into new techniques. It is therefore, a very organic and continuous process. Occasionally quite chaotic and fiery. Spending time in nature allows the creative process, renewed energy for new ideas. Future projects and new design ideas are as constant as my commitment to the Tiger Finch Jewellery brand. There is huge excitement and passion about creating unique handmade jewellery pieces, time passes without awareness at the jewellery bench. 

It is a constant test of balance to grow as a maker and creator of handmade jewellery. It is an exciting time for handcrafted jewellery, with an abundance of mass produced jewellery available, now the move is to buy from handmade creators. There is more of a belief and understanding of the hand-making process. Small independent jewellery designers making unique one-off pieces.  Pieces that are organically and artfully created with passion and delight.

Jewellery Design Inspiration

Nature plays a huge role in my designs. It could be a simple walk along the beach resulting in the sea collection, octopus pendants and abstract waves set with watery hued opals. Or a trek through the forest, seeing an unusual texture on a tree or a fungus growing over a fallen moss covered wall, resulting in a whole new collection or jewellery technique. Having seen a really old tree with gnarly textured bark, I went to the studio and re-created the heavily textured effect on pieces using reticulation technique. This technique uses heat, just as the metal is molten to sculpt into the metal, then as the metal solidifies, all the beautiful organic textures are revealed. Nature is limitless in design and this is as exciting, as it is inspirational.

Inspired by Beautiful Australian Opals

Opals feature very heavily in my work and this is not without reason! I love opals. After living in Lightning Ridge for several years, learning everything I could about this precious gem; as well as experiencing mining for myself, I am still as in love with them as ever.  Every single opal in any Tiger Finch Jewellery piece has been hand-picked, often in the rough, (just mined) and has been carefully explored to reveal its best colour and then professionally finished. In Lightning Ridge, mining is carried out, mainly by independent opal miners, with a commitment to return the earth, how it was, prior to mining.       

Sustainable Jewellery Making

Focusing on sustainability, trying to recycle precious metals and source gemstones with carbon-neutral footprints and zero conflict that are better for the environment.  In my work I try to recycle as much as possible, even making pieces out of clients own old gold, which is a beautiful privilege especially when it has a heartfelt meaning for the client.  It means a lot to me too, I understand the passion to use it and the emotions involved and I love to create something new from old broken parts, it really does create heirlooms.  This is what it really is, all about for me, creating a piece that will be treasured, creating future heirlooms for new generations. Something that we can pass on, not just a piece to wear twice, then throw away but an artisan created, unique one-off design to keep and cherish. That’s really where my passion lies and I love that people enjoy my work.

Jewellery Authenticity

Each piece will come with a certificate of authenticity, describing the piece, where the opal came from, size and opal colour, weight of the metal and if possible the design origin, was it from a museum trip or walking in the Forrest and seeing a texture on a tree or a type of fungus or loving the shape or formation of naturalistic elements like a coiled leaf or pattern on a butterfly. This is our connection with nature and the inspiration for Tiger Finch Jewellery pieces.